Textile Playground

I love painting and making patterns, but sometimes it can be a bit hard with no real software for the purpose and making them by hand, although a lot of fun, definitely comes with it’s own challenges. Like not being able to go back and change mistakes or ideas as easily.


That is why when I discovered that Ikea has created an online playground for nerdy pattern-lovers as myself, I went a little.. crazy. The evening has disappeared while I’ve been doodling away and I’d thought I’d stop for a minute to share some of the favourite patterns I’ve made so far.


Do you have a craving to do something creative, or just want to have some fun making doodles? Go ahead and try it out by clicking HERE.


Girl Gang

I always get tons of drawings from the kids at preschool and I love their colourful and imaginative drawings! Today as I watched some of them draw I felt the sudden urge to draw something myself 🙂 So I drew a few children characters and I’m gonna let them represent my preschool, where I love working 😀

Girl Gang 😉

Children’s books – can you DIY?

When I was a child my parents used to read to me a lot, these were moments I really cherished and many of the books they read are still to this day books that I enjoy, for example I love Elsa Beskow’s The Sun Egg! At the preschool where I work I often read to the children and one thing has caught my attention – how many crappy children’s books there are out there! I mean of course there are a lot of good books too, but there are also surprisingly many that, in my eyes, are poorly written and filled with fantasy-killing illustrations. This made me think of the books that were read to me as a child and I had the thought that I might bring some of them to the preschool and read them for the children.

Another idea also saw the light of day as I continued to think about this, as some of you may know I really enjoy both writing and drawing and as I sat there thinking about all the books that I didn’t like, this thought popped up in my head: What if I would write and illustrate a fairytale? What if maybe I could do a little book? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that I will go ahead and create some sort of masterpiece, but all this thinking about children’s stories and how much I loved reading them and looking at the beautiful illustrations really made me excited about trying it out myself!

So this past week I’ve been trying to come up with characters and an idea for the storyline to build on. I’ve come up with a few characters, the story however is taking a bit longer.. but that’s alright with me, I’m in no specific rush and essentially I’m doing this project for me. Because it’s something fun and exciting to try out.

Meet my character Théa 🙂

I make tiny little sketches and colour them to get an idea of what I might want the pages to look like

Photos from a trip to Hjo, all those windflowers gave me inspiration to the story..

This is in fact the first inspo I made for my story, it was a quick doodle of my character Théa and a photo I took one day when I was biking 🙂

Anyways. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m enjoying the process of coming up with ideas and even though it’s hard not to come up with too many ideas, it’s also an interesting experience. Now however it is getting very late and I should be off to bed. I might keep you a little bit updated as the story comes along, if it comes along indeed.. 😉

Did any of your parents read to you? What books did you enjoy as a child?

Linnéa ♥

Vincent Surexit

So.. even though I was quite happy with how the tattoo I drew the other day turned out, I felt like I wanted to take on something a bit more.. intricate. I like the other tattoo and it is meant to be simple like that, but then I saw a photo of such a beautiful rose that I just had to try and make it into a tattoo. And here it is! I must admit I am very happy with how it turned out.

The outline, I added the name and some swirly thorns.

Close to being finished..

And – voilá! It does look better though, with shadows and stuff in real life. The camera steals some of it away.

So… what did you think? Should I maybe go into business? 😉 Haha nope, I doubt it. But it is sure fun to try out! Did you know that the name Vincent means will win in Latin? Pretty rad name if you ask me 😉


So today I got a request to draw a proposal for a tattoo by a guy at the course I’m currently attending. First I thought; What? Me? I’ve never done anything like that. But I decided to give it a try and here is the result.

First I did the outline (obviously) hahah 😉 I used a google image as a reference

Here is a ‘finished’ version where I shadowed the tattoo (the shadowing needs more work, but hey – it’s almost three in the morning hahhah ^^)

And here is the colour version, so we’ll see tomorrow (later today) what he thinks of my ideas

He wanted to get this tattoo as a tribute to his son, which I think is kind of sweet. And at least you know you wouldn’t regret such a tattoo.. I don’t know a lot of people who stops loving their kids 😉

I’ll tattoo the name of my loved ones on my heart,

Linnéa ♥


I love scrapbooking and fiddling with pictures, lyrics and other memorable stuff. But I wonder why they call it scrapbooking? Anyway, I am currently working on a scrapbook and it’s a nice thing to do when you find yourself a bit bored or when you feel like you just Have to do something creative with your hands 😛

This is my scrapbook and the cover that I’ve made for it.

This is the first spread and I’ve filled it with a drawing, scribblings, a photo and some quotes and stuff.

Los amigos page 😉 All of my awesome friends of course have a page dedicated to them and I’m sure there are more to come, both friends and pages 😉

This one isn’t finished but it’s from a trip to Northern Sweden with my cousin. Also some photos from the peak of the mountain Åreskutan.

This one isn’t finished either but this is how far I’ve gotten so far. I’ll update here the further I get 🙂

What do you think of scrapbooking, is it something that you do? Or something you’d consider doing? What do you do otherwise when and if you feel like doing something crafty or creative?

Scrap away 😉

Linnéa ♥

Illustration Columbine

A few days ago I showed you an unfinished drawing/illustration that I promised myself to finally finish this week – and yesterday I did!

This is Columbine and I came up with the outfit she is wearing 🙂 (sorry if the legs look a little big, I think I happened to photograph her with a little angle)

These are actually clothes I am planning to wear. If I can figure out how to fix (and use hahah) my sewing machine.. 😉

What do you think, do you like it?

Painting myself a world less grey than this one,

Linnéa ♥