Children’s books – can you DIY?

When I was a child my parents used to read to me a lot, these were moments I really cherished and many of the books they read are still to this day books that I enjoy, for example I love Elsa Beskow’s The Sun Egg! At the preschool where I work I often read to the children and one thing has caught my attention – how many crappy children’s books there are out there! I mean of course there are a lot of good books too, but there are also surprisingly many that, in my eyes, are poorly written and filled with fantasy-killing illustrations. This made me think of the books that were read to me as a child and I had the thought that I might bring some of them to the preschool and read them for the children.

Another idea also saw the light of day as I continued to think about this, as some of you may know I really enjoy both writing and drawing and as I sat there thinking about all the books that I didn’t like, this thought popped up in my head: What if I would write and illustrate a fairytale? What if maybe I could do a little book? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that I will go ahead and create some sort of masterpiece, but all this thinking about children’s stories and how much I loved reading them and looking at the beautiful illustrations really made me excited about trying it out myself!

So this past week I’ve been trying to come up with characters and an idea for the storyline to build on. I’ve come up with a few characters, the story however is taking a bit longer.. but that’s alright with me, I’m in no specific rush and essentially I’m doing this project for me. Because it’s something fun and exciting to try out.

Meet my character Théa 🙂

I make tiny little sketches and colour them to get an idea of what I might want the pages to look like

Photos from a trip to Hjo, all those windflowers gave me inspiration to the story..

This is in fact the first inspo I made for my story, it was a quick doodle of my character Théa and a photo I took one day when I was biking 🙂

Anyways. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m enjoying the process of coming up with ideas and even though it’s hard not to come up with too many ideas, it’s also an interesting experience. Now however it is getting very late and I should be off to bed. I might keep you a little bit updated as the story comes along, if it comes along indeed.. 😉

Did any of your parents read to you? What books did you enjoy as a child?

Linnéa ♥

A second go at the spiral braid

I’m enjoying this Friday morning in my kitchen with a cup of tea and favourite music in the background, while chatting to a friend of mine. A very perfect morning indeed I have to say. 😛 Soon I’m heading out for a run, I was going to the gym but the weather is so nice and I thought, why not grab the opportunity?

Yesterday I went a little braid-crazy and braided anyone’s hair (at the daycare haha) that wanted too, I also braided my own hair. I tried doing the Neverending Spiral Braid again and actually I think this time I was more successful. 🙂 Judge for yourselves!

One of my all time favourite braids!

Also my little cousin came to visit so I braided her hair too! I think the Serpent Braid is a perfect “play-braid” since it is very cute but still has a good hold and won’t fall out just because you’re rummaging around 😛

Okay, gotta run now! Literally, hehe 😉

I’m braiding myself a dream,

Linnéa ♥

Fixing & Trixing

I’m wearing a lovely green & white polkadot skirt today, but decided to take in a bit since it was slightly to loose around my waist. Here are some pics if you might enjoy! Now I’m off to work – arrivederci 😉

Love this thrifted skirt! If you live in Sweden – Myrorna is the place to be!

What can you make of paper clips?


Been knitting away a little today and it’s coming along (I’m talking about my knitted shorts), also wrote in my diary for a bit. Drank a lot of tea. And now I just tried out a little DIY – earrings! Actually I am a very lazy person and have so far only finished one of them 😛 But they’re easy to make, cheap and gorgeous!

Here’s how the one I’ve finished ended up looking:

And if you liked this idea and wanna try it out for yourself, just go visit Evie-S where she has a tutorial!

How it looks when I’m wearing it.. me like 🙂


Also I was thinking about if any of you guys are new to knitting or crocheting there are a lot of great sites to help you learn. I have a favourite one, it started out as only a Swedish site but is now finally translated into english – it’s called My Design (For the English version click HEREand it’s an awesome site to go to. Good explanations for us newbies 😉

Let me know if you found it useful! Or if you liked this post 😀

Best place

A couple of days ago (yes, I’m in London but I’ve scheduled a couple posts ;)) I was hanging out at ‘Grampa’s’ with Ella and we were just chilling and drinking mocca coffee and hot coco 🙂

What coffee should look like 😉

I really love you as my own sister. Promise you never forget ❤

After a while she had to leave, she was going to the movies. But I stayed put in my cozy couch and started knitting away. My shorts are coming along and I’m enjoying it very much! Especially when you’re in that kind of environment – it’s so relaxing.

Not such a bad place to spend an evening knitting.. 🙂

A sneak-peak

Neverending french braided bun

… or an neverending name of the updo? 😛 Yesterday I decided to try out a new hairdo that I learned on.. *drumroll*… YOUTUBE! haha big shocker huh?

It went pretty good for being the first time – and since I did it all by myself on myself. So here are the photos of my latest hairadventure 😉

And if you’d like to try it out yourself HERE is the tutorial! (warning: my version is a bit different in the shape and stuff :P)

From behind.

From the front. Sporting my fabulous dropdead-face.

From the side.

Happyface. Sorta 😉