Well these are usually so boring so I will try and not be. Boring that is.

I lovelovelove the autumn and every year when summer’s ending I’m almost the only one wishing fall would come faster.

I’m almost 22 and I can’t cook. Like at all. Or maybe I’m some kind of undiscovered cooking-genius and I just dont know it yet? Probably.

And I’m probably also the only one you know who would do all the dishes or clean the toilet or.. you name it, rather than help out with the cooking. Seriously I hate it.    I will have to marry a chef 🙂

I’m a bookworm and a notebookoholic who loves drawing and customize covers while listening to all sorts of random music. Like. Irish folk music or a string-quartet performing classical music that I found when visiting London. Or just listening to my favourite band Hanson. Yup.

I’ve now made myself sound like someone who dances around in flowery fields wearing gossamer dresses while dreaming I’m in a Jane Austen book. Which I totally am.

But I also love driving wheelloaders and hopefully in the future, trucks too. Though becoming a pilot would be even more awesome. Wellwell you never know. Maybe one day 🙂

Sorry if this is a really long and incoherent presentation but that’s me. Always ranting about something but no one ever seems to know about what. Haha.

Hope you enjoy this mishmashy blog filled with my very non-thought-through thoughts!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. thepiratehorizon says:

    well at least you made it not to be boring in introducing yourself 😉
    i hope you move soon from jane austen’s world and find something more exciting on your way, for example a man who can cook, which austen will never ever supply you for sure, hehe.

    seriously, cozy place here and you sound like filling your life with much. go on like that and if i can suggest – the background is lovely but takes away attention from your posts. ciao!

    • Got my book says:

      I’ve actually been thinking about changing my background and was out shooting some textures for that purpose. Haha, yes I would very much need such a man! 😛 Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked it!

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