Spring at the wrong time of year


Spring is here in Australia, just as my mind and body starts to gear up for autumn, my favourite season. It is a peculiar thing to reset ones seasonal clock. It is one thing to reset the body clock, struggling through jet lag after travelling all the way from Sweden to Australia, but getting accustomed to the fact that January is indeed now the height of summer or that October(!) is spring.. that, is another thing entirely.

Little by little, though, I am getting used to life here. I have discovered so many new places and learned to appreciate new things instead of other things that I miss from home. Morning walks along the waterfront that is right on my doorstep, a short train trip and I am in Sydney where I can wander through Newtown’s vintage shops and cafés or if I am not feeling too adventurous just a simple thing like getting some fish & chips and go sit on a beach somewhere watching the waves roll in.

I do however miss my family and friends back home a great deal, that is why I am over the moon excited about my parents arriving in less than a week! It is going to be so much fun showing them around in this place that is now my home. Mostly though, I am just happy that I am going to get to spend a lot of time with them, it has been over a year after all.

What is the season where you live, spring or autumn? And which is your favourite time of the year?

3 thoughts on “Spring at the wrong time of year

  1. The Other Watson says:

    My favourite time of the year is the 3 days of the year it isn’t meltingly hot! 😛 I miss the Swedish seasons too, but you’re definitely helping me to see Australia with new eyes. And new sunburns! 😛

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