Going to London! #1

In just a little less than four weeks I will be going to London
and I am so insanely happy about finally going back there! I’ve been smitten with the place ever since I first went there some three years ago and I’ve actually managed to squeeze in a visit every year since (so this will be my fourth visit!). One thing that I really love doing before a trip like this is to look around beforehand to find places I wanna see and things I wanna do, so that I can plan it a little and find the easiest ways to get there and so on. Am I the only one who loves to do this kinda digging? I think not. πŸ˜› If you yourself have any great tips about something you think I should see or do while I’m in London, please leave a comment! πŸ™‚

On my first visit to London I was a TOTAL tourist and hung around a lot on Oxford Street and the streets close to it. And even though I’m sure I’ll go back there at least one day this year – I want to see and experience new things! ‘Cause after three times, Oxford St. feels a bit “been there, done that” hehe πŸ˜› My second trip to London was amazing (went with my best friend Tabs and we totally explored all we could during five lovely days!), but I still left with the feeling that there was so much more to see! And last year, when I went with my mum (which was awesome!) we could only stay for three days (i.e. 2 half days and 1 whole since traveling to and from eats up half a day each) and so, naturally, we didn’t have the time to explore as much as we wished.

This time however, I’m staying for ten days. Yup, that’s right – TEN WHOLE DAYS! (Alright, alright not “whole days” since the traveling will eat up a whole day approx. in total, but whatever! :D) So I put on my digging gloves and these are a few things I’ve found so far that I wanna do:

Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park. Source: Β© Nigel Bewley

Looking at this beautiful image, at first, you might not suspect that you are looking at central London. But you are. This is a picture from Camley Street Natural Park in London, only an earshot from St. Pancras station. I’ve always loved nature and I knew that London is home to many, many beautiful parks and green spaces, but the only I’ve seen of it is a corner of Hyde Park and a little of Green Park (both beautiful and amazing in their own ways), so I am super excited to visit this little hidden gem that is located right by Regent’s Canal and not very far away from the hostel I’m staying at!

Crusting Pipe

The lovely restaurant Crusting Pipe. Source: Click the pic.

So, I will have to confess, I’ve been to this restaurant before, but that only goes to prove how amazing it is! I still remember it like yesterday when me and Tabita found it by accident as we walked around in Covent Garden. The wine was great, the food was delicious and the staff was amazing (wink wink to our little Gerard Butler-copy, haha) – AND there is music! In the corner of the tiny piazza lies a pitch spot for buskers. But not just any buskers – some play classical music and some sing the opera and it is all very, very wonderful to both listen to and to watch. I’m excited to go back there and experience it all again πŸ™‚

5th View Bar

5th View Bar

If you want a great view over London, you’re probably thinking of London Eye. You know, the giant ferris wheel, popping up in the midst of London? Yeah, that one. Well, I’m sure it would be awesome to go for a ride on it, but it seems such an obvious thing to do and also it costs money. However if you take a trip down to Piccadilly, look up the gigantic bookstore Waterstone’s and then find your way up to the fifth floor, there you”ll have it – 5th View Bar. It’s a restaurant/lounge/bar/cafe sorta place and is renowned for having a fabulous view over London and it doesn’t cost a thing to go up there. Though while you’re there you might as well order a nice cocktail as you enjoy the view πŸ˜‰

So, these are a few of the things that I want to do in London, but there’s so much more! I’ll follow up this post soon with some more things I wanna do and sights I wanna see!

Bye bye, LinnΓ©a πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Going to London! #1

  1. The Northern Plights says:

    I’ll put my thinking (top) hat on for you, but for starters…Shoreditch has a great feel about it in the evenings and is just a short walk to Brick Lane, which is a proper little cultural gem and traditionally the best place to get a curry.

    I’ll be in and around the Uk from 10 -24 October, if you are around then then let me know and maybe we could get a coffee?

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