Attending College

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote anything and it’s because I’ve been very busy working all summer. Working has been great fun but also very exhausting! But yet again my life is in for a major change and as from today I am now studying to become a preschool teacher. I am really excited about this but also a bit terrified.. :p

Since today was the first day in school it was mostly an introduction to our actual education – we toured the campus, got to meet teachers and received lists of literature that we will need. Trying to figure out which books you actually need to buy and which ones you don’t is also a bit of a hassle. I am very thankful to be sharing this challenge and experience with my best friend, being two makes it less scary and feels sort of like a “backup” 🙂

Me for the next three and a half years?

All in all I am looking forward to this new phase of my life. I think I might blog a bit more (hopefully at least.. 😉 ) now that I’m attending school again (and therefore also naturally spending more time by the computer). Now I’m off to read up on our curriculum.. YAY!



5 thoughts on “Attending College

  1. The Other Watson says:

    Still so excited for you! 🙂
    For the record, in my years at uni I never looked like that. The books were spread out around my room/bed in much more chaos, and next to the cup of coffee was often a bottle of wine. (It helped me think at night. Honest.) Also I never looked like that picture because I’m not a girl, like she is in the pic. (Sorry, I had to make a lame joke, I’m oh so tired).
    You will make an amazing preschool teacher! In fact, you already have, all summer long! 😉

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