The Children’s Cancer Foundation

I just felt I had to share this video even though it’s in swedish. It’s about a group of friends who lost their friend Julia to cancer and now they are going to bike from Östersund in northern Sweden to Öland, an island in southern Sweden, to raise money to Barncancerfonden (The Children’s Cancer Foundation). Watching this video made me want to help out and support their mission and I hope I might inspire some of you to do the same – cancer is an international disease and if you don’t want to donate to the swedish foundation I am sure there are similar foundations in your own country where you could help out!

The Julia Journey

A message in swedish:

Ni som bor i Sverige kan skänka pengar genom att smsa JULIA25 (för 25 kr), JULIA50 (för 50 kr) eller JULIA100 (för 100 kr) till 72072. Alla pengar går oavkortat till Barncancerfonden!

Ni kan också besöka deras hemsida
Eller för att enkelt skänka pengar med mobil eller kontokort!



One thought on “The Children’s Cancer Foundation

  1. The Other Watson says:

    That bike ride is a great idea! I always am supportive of such things – cancer is such a horrible disease and I’ve already lost far too many friends and family to it, so it’s great to hear of people going beyond to support these foundations. 🙂

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