My (Almost) Top Hundred Summer Songs!

So I don’t know if it’s the sun that peeked out yesterday to warm my skin or if it’s the fact that summer is just around the corner (at least so I keep telling myself). Either way I am really longing for real summer with bonfires by the beach and cruising in the car or swimming in lakes and picnics in the tall grass.. And then I got to thinking that I should make a new list on Spotify (my music programme of choice ;)) just filled up with those songs that make me happy and butterfly-ish inside. It is spring after all and within a month (hopefully) summer will have officially arrived 😀 Anyway, I thought I’d compile the songs and post them here too, for those of you who have Spotify you can just click HERE to listen to my awesome new playlist 😉 (Some songs from the list may be missing since I have them stored on my local files).

Since I am not very good with choosing (I tend to choose a lot more then I initially may have intended) I decided to do a “My Top Hundred Summer Songs list”. There was only one problem.. I ran out of paper.. so to speak. I also forgot four of the songs from my spotify list, which wouldn’t have fit even if I had remembered them, but still. I hope you shall forgive me 😉 So without further ado, here is My (Almost) Top Hundred Summer Songs! (90 in the picture, 94 on spotify, to be exact ;))

CLICK the picture for larger image! 🙂

Ahh well, it is getting late and I should head to bed aka. read my book. I hope you enjoy my list as much as I do and if you don’t have Spotify you should get it 😛 And if you don’t wanna get it then I guess you can just read the list and add whatever song you like to whatever you use for music listening! 😀


Goodnight & Sleep Tight,

Linnéa ♥


7 thoughts on “My (Almost) Top Hundred Summer Songs!

  1. The Other Watson says:

    Ahhhh what an awesome awesome list! I would have guessed a lot of it hehehe, and I suspect my list would be quite similar too (but then of course we both knew this already 😉 ). But yes, you have made some very fine choices – geeze you have good taste in music.
    Also I LOVE your new background and header image! Very pretty. 🙂

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