Vincent Surexit

So.. even though I was quite happy with how the tattoo I drew the other day turned out, I felt like I wanted to take on something a bit more.. intricate. I like the other tattoo and it is meant to be simple like that, but then I saw a photo of such a beautiful rose that I just had to try and make it into a tattoo. And here it is! I must admit I am very happy with how it turned out.

The outline, I added the name and some swirly thorns.

Close to being finished..

And – voilá! It does look better though, with shadows and stuff in real life. The camera steals some of it away.

So… what did you think? Should I maybe go into business? 😉 Haha nope, I doubt it. But it is sure fun to try out! Did you know that the name Vincent means will win in Latin? Pretty rad name if you ask me 😉


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