This is England

Good evening darlings! Been out and about all day, had coffee with a friend and a bit later we were a group of people who saw the movie This is England. The movie let’s us follow the life of 12-year old Shaun who lives during the reign of Margaret Thatcher, he lives with his mother and though they are not poor they still don’t have a lot of money. Shaun gets bullied in school but later on befriends a gang of skinheads and from there on his life takes some sharp turns. But I’m not going to tell anymore about it ’cause I don’t want to spoil it.

Has anyone of you seen it? What do you think of it? Personally I was blown away by it, the raw emotion really crept under your skin, still it was not all dark and depressing – there were a lot of moments to smile and laugh at in the movie. I think it was beautifully told and with great actors as well. Definitely worth seeing according to me!

I forgot to take any outfit photos today (I’ve neglected it for several days as I’m sure you’ve noticed, don’t think you’ll suffer any great harm from it though ;)) but I have however one that I took last week that I haven’t shared. So I thought I might as well throw that one in here as well 🙂

One of my favourite maxi dresses paired with a cropped sweater and a leather belt that I cut up and then braided 😛

I hope you’re all well and good! Now I’m off to plan my Friday night! Maybe you have some exciting plans of your own? Feel free to share them – the rest of us might benefit from some good tips? 😉

Easy partying everyone!

Linnéa ♥


11 thoughts on “This is England

    • Got my book says:

      Jo, det tycker jag med. Men jag menar att den ger utrymme för att visa mänskligheten i alla också – det är väl egentligen det hela filmen går ut på. Som han Combo som är den ‘våldsamma’, han är ju egentligen bara en liten ledsen, avundsjuk pojke i en stor kropp. Men jag måste erkänna att jag lipade lite när jag såg filmen.. Faktiskt 😛

  1. Darren Miller says:

    Yeah I saw clips of that movie! I want to see the whole thing! It looks awesome! Speaking of which I need to get some new Doc Martens.. 😉

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