School Photo Rascal

I thought I’d begin this morning with a little timetraveling. Okay, not literally I’m sad to say.. but with photographs! I was shuffling through a box of old stuff when I found some old photographs from my childhood, it is kinda fun to look at old pictures 😛 So if anyone is curious what I looked like (of course you are SUPER interested! why wouldn’t you be?? ..haha) then here you go:

The smiling little rascal to the right (with no corner teeth) is me. 😛

Earlyriser eating a healthy breakfast! 😛

To the left: a photo of me taken during my first year here on earth! To the right: me when I graduated primary school 🙂

What did you look like as kids? Do you think you were cute? Is it okay, do you think, to think of yourself as a cutie when you were little? I think it is 😛 Anyways I think I was a lot cuter back then.. hahahahh xD Though I find most children cute 🙂

Smile now, for tomorrow you’ll be one more day away from your childhood,

Linnéa ♥


7 thoughts on “School Photo Rascal

  1. The Background Story says:

    The shirt of the boy standing behind you in the first photo is creepy!

    But you were a cute little girl. Based on your recent pics, your face didn’t change much. You look the same, only older. 🙂

    And you’ve always been blond, I see. Are Swedes predominantly blond?

    • Got my book says:

      Haha yeah I think it’s some sorta football shirt 😛

      No I had dark hair when I was born! But it only lasted for a year 😛 Hmm.. I don’t know, we have a lot of blonde people here but I would scarcely seay that everyone is, there are a lot of brown & darkhaired people as well 🙂

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