Grande artista?

To follow up on my last post, yesterday when I rummaged through my old stuff I also found some old selfportraits. I don’t know if you ever got to do this in school but when I went to primary school we got to draw our portrait every year – something I, as a creative child liked very much! Question is however, would any of you have been able to tell that I’d be able to draw more than stick figures when I grew up, when you see these? 😉

Six years old . I had a nosejob when I was six. I removed it. 😛

Seven years old. All of a sudden I’ve got grey hair? Aging prematurely are we?

Eight years old. I am very glad this is a proof of my undeveloped skill and not a proof for me being an ugly kid, haha! 😉

Nine years old. A lot more detailed but I look like I was attending the Octoberfest…? haha ^^ I must say however that I am quite impressed with my signature in this picture. 😛 Click to see larger version.

So there you go, what do you think? Is there a hidden talent hiding in the depths of the drawings…? Hahahahh… well, maybe not Picasso after all 😉

Trying is learning and learning is trying,

Linnéa ♥


2 thoughts on “Grande artista?

  1. Ella says:

    Such an artist! Duktig tjej.. Man ser verkligen hur du utvecklas. 🙂 Haha så rolig, had a nosejob at six.. Haha! Going 2 miss yoouuuu ❤ PUSS

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