Winnie the Pooh

Have I ever mentioned that I love cartoons and animated movies? Well, I do. I love both new animations and the older hand-drawn stuff, but especially the older movies. That’s why I was so positively suprised when I found out that a new movie about Winnie the Pooh was going to be made. This movie is based on three stories that can be found in A.A. Milnes books.

So what did I think of this film? Well, at first I was a little reluctant since previous ‘new’ movies about Winnie the Pooh (not the one from 1977, that one is lovely) has not lived up to my expectations. They’ve been too ‘animated’ and felt a bit plastic.. and the characters have been so far from the original illustrations. However this movie was nothing like previous attempts! Instead it had the same feeling as the -77 version had, a feeling of being hand-drawn and with the original in mind. This made me very happy 🙂 The storyline also works well I think, even though I have to say that the one I watched growing up; The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, is decidedly still my favourite.

See the difference? Do you agree with me, preferring the first one?

There is also a new book about the adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods – yes, it is of course not written by A.A. Milne, since he’s been dead for many years. It is however approved by his descendants. The book (that is a sequel to the original Winnie-the-Pooh and The House At Pooh Corner) is named The Return to the Hundred Acre Wood and it is written by David Benedictus, illustrator is Mark Burgess. Both Mr. Benedictus and Mr. Burgess has worked hard to preserve the spirit of Mr. Milne’s and E.H. Shepard work. And I have to say, the book does not disappoint. At least I did not think so, of course the original will always be the original and therefore unmeasurable for any comparison. I think it is a good idea to give the world a little more of this wonderful and timeless tale.

A spread of the book and the cover. Click for bigger images.

I congratulate you brave people who have read this far, 😛 I wasn’t planning on writing such a long post. So, what do you think about Milne’s stories about The hundred acre wood? Did you read them when growing up? Or maybe a parent read them to you? What do you think of these new versions made, are they a nice idea or a complete failure? Are they intruding on the original stories? Let me know!

For me, the tales of Pooh and his friends, will always hold a special place in my heart. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Linnéa ♥


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