The Food-illiterate

I just stuffed my face enjoyed with a lovely dinner. Since I can’t really cook (I’m utterly terrified of it) but still like to eat good food, I always go for the easiest alternatives (sandwhiches, cereals or porridge.. breakfast food really) but lately I’ve found some joy in cooking. The sort of cooking that doesn’t really involve that much cooking of course 😀

So today (take notice all you fellow cooking-illiterates!) I made something that was delicious, if you ask me, but still oh, so simple. Turned on the stove, threw in some eggs, some ripped ham and mushrooms, (I have a feeling I made similar dinner and told you about it a few days ago..) then I flavored it with herbal salt, tabasco, garlic and cumin – voilá! Then I chopped some paprika and took some salad and put it together with the scramble on the plate. As a last touch I poured some pesto on the salad, so yum.. 😀 Feel free to copycat me, as I am sure no one has ever done this before ^^.


I’m positive you’re all very interested in my eatinghabits 😉

Getting hungry? 😛

Linnéa ♥


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