Today was a little less chilly day and I went in to town on my bike to meet up a friend of mine. 🙂 We decided to go to Morfars Café, I had a Coffee Mocca and a big chocolate Coookie 😉 Sat there for a while and talked before I had to go home. Or had to.. 😛 but she was off to somewhere else and I was missing my fire.

Put on some cozy, cute clothes when I got home and now I’m sitting by the fire again on the sheep plaids, blogging away.

If you’re guessing that you see birds on my dress, you’re guessing right 🙂

Decided to wear some make-up today. Which rarely happens.. 😛

Lazy dinner 🙂

But oh, so tasty! 😀

Now I am off to watch Winnie the Pooh 😉 Have a great day/night/morning/evening everyone!

Tata for now!

Linnéa ♥


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