Fire & Whiskey – the foundations for survival ;)

I am having a most pleasant night all by myself in the house I am housewatching. Sitting on a sheep’s wool plaid in front of the warm fireplace and sipping some of ye ole rye πŸ˜‰ Except for blogging (obviously) I’m also reading the third book in the series of Temeraire by Naomi Novik, I should’ve finished it a long time ago but I just haven’t got around to it.

I’m really longing for the day when I move out from my parents. A place of my own, maybe it won’t have a fire place (hehe :() but it will be mine. I will decorate it as I please, I’ll make it my own little nest. But nights like these are something I really treasure. Being alone without being lonely, relaxing without getting bored and just enjoying the moment.

It feels like I’m in a movie. Can it be this cozy off-screen? πŸ˜‰

It got so warm after a while that I had to take off the sweater – and I’ve been freeezing all day long. πŸ˜›

A nice glass of ye ole rye πŸ™‚

I love looking at the fire. There’s something special about flames and the way they’re dancing..

Josh Pyke with his song Clovis’ Son is singing through the speakers along with the crackling fire. This is just what I needed on a day like this, some relaxation, warmth, wonderful music and a good book.

Hope you’re enjoying your day as much as I am,

LinnΓ©a β™₯


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