Stick People

Morning my loverly readers! Sun is shining today but the cold is starting to creep under my skin.. it’s not so cold if you just look at the degrees but if you take that and then add to it that I live by the coast (humid, raw cold!) and that it’s windy; ta-daahh! Freezing. I shouldn’t complain though, I’m used to it and spring is soon on the way. I have to admit though that my fingers are so cold (I took the bike in to town before) that I barely can move them and writing this is p-retty hard.

Thinking of drawing a bit since I’m kinda not beginning my ‘challenge’ very well.. x) Failed to draw something last week, so I might as well begin this week with sorting that out! And after that I really have to finish reading my book so I might get on with the others, I have so many books that I want to read 😀 What books are you reading now? Do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

I was just browsing around earlier today and found this picture. I think it’s quite hilarious. ^^,

Is threatening in class really allowed? 😉

Have mercy on the stick people,



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