Energy Overdose

I am a complete imbecile it seems. It’s 4 am where I am right now and so far I’ve downed 2 ½ energy drinks. Why? Because they taste so darn good! One of them has the taste of grapefruit and is so fresh and yummy and the other one’s icecoffee and is also completely delicious. But due to too little intake of food today and the late hour I am starting to feel both a little nauseous and very hyper. How is this going to end? 😛

The guilty villains

And moving on to something completely unrelated – my favourite earring!

Isn’t he the most precious little owl? 🙂

Feeling inexplicably pretty tonight. Or maybe I’m just totally off the walls from those energy boosters?

I am going to watch Winnie the Pooh sleep now ;),

Linnéa ♥


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