House of worlds

What do you call a house that can hold hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of different worlds? Let me enlighten you. It is called a library. 🙂 And it is a woundrous invention. I love the feeling of just knowing that I can walk into my hometown library and at the same time have access to so many different stories, worlds, characters.. I spend a lot of time at the library, both for the books themselves but also for the atmosphere that almost always can be found within a library.

Our library is rather new, but even though it has a ‘modern’ feel to it (I love old dusty libraries) it still feels homey.. it still feels like a place for the mind to rest, or to be intruiged. 🙂 And one of my favourite things about our library is that they have placed a grand piano among the bookshelves and anyone who wishes is allowed to play it. Sometimes when I sit there during the evening someone comes and sits down to play. And there I sit reading my book and listening to wonderful live music, often classical music mixed with popsongs.. it’s quite an experience!

Some shelves and a cozy-spot.

They’ve dedicated a part of the library to children and another part for teenagers/young adults (of course you’re allowed to be anywhere you’d like) and the red ‘tent-ish’ thing you can see in the middle picture is in the ‘teen area’.. I’m not a teen per se hehe, but I do love to hang out in this little cozy spot. They also change the colours of the drapes depending on season, e.g. in summertime the drapes are white with small ornate ribbons hanging down as well.. I’m impressed and happy that they really make an effort to make the library into a place where you can spend time, not just borrow books and then leave.

Do you like libraries? Do you like reading at all? And (this I really wanna know) how are the libraries where you live? Are they good/bad? Old, new, ugly or beautiful? Tell me everything 🙂

It is fully possible to visit other worlds, just pick up a book and read it,

The Library Lover ♥


8 thoughts on “House of worlds

  1. theotherwatson says:

    Your library looks really nice! My local libraries are all tiny, smaller than yours, but down in Sydney there are some huge libraries of course, and my old university had a couple of libraries, one of which was several stories tall and was so big I used to get lost in it and would take ages to find my way back out again (though sometimes I did this on purpose). 🙂

  2. Darren Miller says:

    We have do have some really good libraries with lots of books and computers and music and movies, but some of them really suck.. Some of the people are flippin’ retarded!

  3. lnisbet says:

    i love to read and i loved reading this! my dream library is the one from beauty and the beast – can’t help but wonder when my rough-around-the-edges secret prince will show up and reveal it to me. still waiting on that one…

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