If you’re a silly person then you shall like silly things; ergo – read this! 🙂

Wanton Creation

Okay, I say by request, what I really mean is by dare. The idea came up in a comment thread on this awesome blog by Linnéa (which if you haven’t checked out before I strongly suggest you do, she is awesome!), and long story short, she uttered the words “I dare you to do it”, and a part of my brain suddenly shifted into gear, one that forces me to do things when people say that to me. So, here is a short story I am making up on the spot about a monkey called Bobby and his adventures. It is probably going to be terrible, just sayin’…

Bobby the MonkeyThe Adventures of a Monkey called Bobby:

The Dreamer

Thrice upon a time there was a monkey called Bobby. The first time, Bobby had magical powers and could transform into Monkey-Person and save the world. But this isn’t about him. The second…

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