These past few days I’ve been seeing more and more signs of spring (if you ignore the snow still lying on the ground.. 😛 ), there are buds peeking out from almost every plant. The birches are full of them and I can just feel the ground buzzing with the urge to break free from the winter. I hope so 🙂 Then soon I’ll be able to wear this:

Walk down any old grey street wearing this and all of a sudden it ain’t so grey anymore. 🙂

… and not having to wear this:

Though actually it looks pretty cool.. (no pun intended) 😛

So what have you been up to? You’re still welcome with your music tips 🙂 I’ve found a lot of new good stuff to listen to while I’m reading this book I just started on; The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw. I’m only a few pages in but it’s already looking promising! 😛

Now I am off to watch Batman Begins continue reading the book.


Linnéa ♥


6 thoughts on “Buds

  1. theotherwatson says:

    Oooh love that dress! And photo!
    And as much as I love books and know you do too…’sif you’re not going to go watch Batman Begins 😛
    Also, nice pun, it was very chilled out. *cough*

    • Got my book says:

      hahhah I didn’t realise the pun until I’d written it actually, which made it even funnier (to me) 😛

      And thanks about the dress (it does make it sound like you have a fetish for dresses tho’… just sayin’…) hahaha ;D

      • theotherwatson says:

        Hey, what’s wrong with admiring a dress? Hahaha. Besides, I am pretty daggy with my fashion sense, so I admire people who can do really cool things with clothes! 😛

      • Got my book says:

        Nuzzin wrong. Just a bit .. queer. Hahah no sorry, I have ze worzt humour. 😀 It is truly azzum you likez ze dresses 🙂 So you think I can do cool things with clothes? 🙂

  2. Anna W says:

    oooh jag vill också ha vår och färg! du måste berätta för mig vad du tyckte om boken sen ^^ Det finns ett bra Tv-serie intro som heter “bored to death”, samma som serien heter. Kan vara nått 😛

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