Dear Santuh Klaws (dat I do not believe in)

… would you be so kind and give me one of these libraries?? Preferably the first one. 🙂

Yup. That’s right. I want the library from Beauty and the Beast. It is the-most-amazing-library EVER.

I’m not sure HOW this would fit into my current little bedroom, but.. I will make it fit.

And if I cannot have any of the ones above I suppose on of these would suffice.. *sigh*

This is more my dream bedroom than dream library, but I can always expand it later.. 😀

Have I ever perchance told you that I love books?? 😉


Have a splendid day,



7 thoughts on “Dear Santuh Klaws (dat I do not believe in)

  1. The Northern Plights says:

    Here’s a quirksome yet dispicable little fact for your good self. Do you know where the largest collection of pornographic images are archived?

    Only the Vatican library of all places.

    Tsk tsk popey.

    The Dippylomat esq.

  2. theotherwatson says:

    Ahh I love these libraries (still)! That’s it, I’m going to just build a house entirely out of books! (well, maybe other things too to stop the books from getting wet, but…anyway you get the sentiment, I hope 😛 ).

    • Got my book says:

      I know.. I love that bedroom too! But I will maintain Belle’s library at the top of my wishlist though 😉 Hihi. And thank you for the compliment! That really makes me happy to here 😀

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