What have I been up to today? Well, hey – don’t ask me! I don’t have a clue. 😉 The day has just gone by in a sort of blur.. I’ve eaten, I’ve nerded in front of my laptop… I’ve written some poetry.. uhm.. looking up new music. I’ve been ‘busy’ but not really with anything very important. 😛

Sticking to my un-kempt hair and week-old boho braids. Grooovy. Or something 😉

Todays wear, new poncho-thingy from Gina Tricot. Oh, look! It’s a different outfit from yesterday! Getting better are we?

More pics. Yeah, that’s right – I wear nerdy glasses! Wehoo!

Right now I’m sitting on my bed looking around in my room realising that I need to clean up here. Like ASAP. Even more Wehoo! .. Not.

Thanks to all of you who gave me tips on music by the way! And if there is anyone else who has a favourite artist or a favourite song – write it in the comment field, I’d love to know!

See you around my dear chaps!

Linnéa ♥


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