As I’m sure you’ve noticed, (if you’ve been checking in here) that I’ve been a bit absent. I am not going to apologize.. everyone has days when they don’t feel inspired, but foremost – it would get rather tiresome if I was always writing about why I haven’t been writing.. 😛 he he

Today has been a very very lazy day (it seems a lot of my days are latelely), I woke up kinda late, took a shower, ate a very late breakfast consisting of choco-cereals and.. tropical juice. Hahah.. yeah I get it if you’re making a puzzled or grossed out face right now, but there was nothing else I could use! When I opened up the fridge to take out my oat milk (I’m lactose intolerant) there was none. Only regular milk, right beside it stood the juice. I figured it wouldn’t kill me to try it. So I did.

It. was. awesome. Believe it or not! Or maybe there’s something wrong with my taste buds 😉

After that wrote some in my diary. There is actually something special or different about my diary that I believe most of your diaries lack. 😛 I write it in my very own secret language. No, seriously. I do.
Me and my best friend invented it when we were like.. twelve or something. The games and made up worlds that we created are long gone, but I’ve always kept on writing the language so as not to forget it.

Here it is – in all its glory!

A closer look.

When finished with my oh, so busy day, I made some dinner (basically slicing some new meat to put in the leftover stew.. hehe) for me and my extra-family, then I did the dishes and after that went on to the computer.

Now dinner’s eaten, table is cleared and stomach full. So I thought I’d make some time for this blogpost 😛 Since I’ve been a bit lame this whole day I never minded figuring out something new to wear today. So the outfit is the same as yesterday, I did however charge the battery to my Canon 550 D and therefore the picture I took today might show a little better today. 🙂

Or maybe I just wanna look at myself some more. You never know..:P

Nevermind the weird face I’m making. I always make awkward faces anyway 😉

What are you guys up to today? Anything interesting? In fact – if you have some music tip for me that’d be awesome. Anything you like, just post it in the comment field. I am always looking for new artists and sounds 😀


Linnéa ♥


13 thoughts on “Absent(minded)

  1. The Northern Plights says:

    I am currently listening to:

    but anxiously awaiting the delivery of the new album by the Black Keys, and if you haven’t heard them yet, check ’em out:

    Actually, listen to the Black Keys first, when I went to get that link to post here it clicked on play, and now I cannot stop it…it is just too darn good.

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

  2. theotherwatson says:

    Your breakfast sounds like it was…interesting. Hahahahhaa. I mean, I’m one to experiment with food…but juice on cereal? :p The thing is, now I’m tempted to try it, but I bet if I do you’ll laugh and be like “just kidding, I never did that!”

    And yes I agree, The Black Keys are an amazing band, especially that new album El Camino (which I assume one of those spotify links is to? I really need to get on to this spotify thing). The film clip for their song Lonely Boy is hilarious…it is just some random guy dancing to the song pretending to sing it, he isn’t even in the band. But yeah, this new album by these guys was my second favourite album of 2011, they are a band who just keep getting better and better.

    • Got my book says:

      Haha no, you should try it! And I promise you – I did in fact eat that! (I’ve tried with orange juice before but then it was regular cereals (if there’s such a thing, no choco taste or whatever at least) and mixed with crushed gingerbread! Superawesome – that’s what it is! 😀

      One week left.. tough! But it probably happened because you’re like me “…ooh no, don’t worry, I’ve got plenty time. No really it’s fine. I still got several weeks. Maybe I should get going… OH CRAP IT’S LIKE ONE DAY LEFT!” haha

  3. Anna W says:

    Har du lyssnat nått på The do? (stavas med danskt ö) tror exempelvis du skulle gilla “playground hustle”, men hela skivan a mouth full är toppen.

    Rufus wainwright: “cigarettes and chocolate milk” är ochså supermysig.

    Armand Mirpour är också ett trevligt tips.

    Final fantasy är också bra: “This is the dream of win & regine” är en superbra låt.

    Jakob Hellman: “Lenas visa” är fiin

      • Got my book says:

        Vad duktig du är! Hope you didn’t cheat and asked your Sambo 😉 Jag älskar också Rufus Wainwright – Complainte de la butte is just amazing, but also lots of his other music. Like Poses and Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk 🙂 Great gift from your dear Sambo! I’m more than a bit jealous!

    • Got my book says:

      Älskar Rufus & Jakob Hellman. Har inte hört Final Fantasy än och Armand Mirpour gillar jag lite.. typ två låtar ^^ Han har skön röst. Ska lyssna på The Do med! Tack 🙂 Har mailat dig nu!

    • Got my book says:

      You’re a fast learner I have to say, creds for that! Kind of cute though how you said “Nej, I did inte cheat”, you’re transforming from a British gentleman into some creepy Swede… haha I am only messing about dear chap!

      And yes, who could resist dear ole Rufus?

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