20 thoughts on “Smiling sends endorphines to your brain. So smile :)

    • Got my book says:

      I am responding to some emails, listening to music from my childhood and also reading an awesome comic book called Suburban Glamour by Jamie McKelvie (I am changing between replying to the emails and reading the comic). So it is a pretty calm evening. 🙂

      • Got my book says:

        I have an ethereal nature? …hmm. wow. Don’t know if it was meant as a compliment but it’s kind of awesome being described in that way.. 😛

        It is now Måndag but it’s almost like Söndag for mer so I’ll listen anyways 🙂

        And here’s a song you should listen to this Wednesday (or any other day in the week when you just wish it wasn’t that day and wishing for a Sunday in bed instead):

        http://open.spotify.com/track/3Kp4SKAzyVJmw8kCfnLzW7 (your girlfriend ((or are you married? sorry forgot)) can translate for you if you don’t understand it 😛 – it is still a great song!)

      • Got my book says:

        Ooh! Bright Eyes! I used to listen to him all the time when was in my teens. I still listen to him but not as much, I miss that. *adding him to my playlist*

  1. theotherwatson says:

    Hooray for smiling!
    Also, I haven’t heard that Death Cab song for ages. I used to listen to those guys a lot too, think a couple of my friends were really into them.
    While we’re talking about songs and smiling…I thought I’d post a link to one of my favourite ever songs, also titled Smile. (The singer used to sing/play guitar for Pink Floyd, but this song and album is only a few years old, but completely blew me away when I first heard it).

    • Got my book says:

      Well, my Måndag is soon to be over but maybe I can kickstart my Tisdag with it ;D Glad you enjoyed the song.
      That is indeed good advice from your literary agent.. wait, you have a literary agent?? How come? 🙂

    • Got my book says:

      Skriva – but very good you remembered how to say the word! 🙂 I must say that is really impressive, about you being a journalist and author I mean. What kind of stuff do you write about currently?

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