My friend Mr. Webcam

So.. I still haven’t got a hold on the charger for my camera. It seems it has vaporized… Thank goodness I have such a high quality webcamera! But it’s no fun to post without any pictures, at least I think so. The only drawback is that all the photos are of me 😛 Couldn’t really carry the computer around outside snapping pictures.. hehe

Guess where I am? A medal for the one who guesses right.

– “Ooh ooh I know! I know the answer!”
– Oh really, do you now?
– Yes, I’m sure of it.
– How can you be so sure??
– Duh..? Of course I would know where I am?! I’m at the library you stupid..
– Do you realize that calling me stupid is offensive to yourself since you’re only talking to yourself?
– … crap.

It seems I suffer from a multiple personality disorder..

What to do? I am bored…

Oh, now I know – big news guys! I’ve turned my sweater INSIDE OUT. Can you belieeeve it? Ha ha..

I just figured out that I could wear it both ways so now I have “two” of them in different colours. Yay for being so awesomely (Yes, I know that isn’t a ‘real’ word. But I just said it. So now it’s a word. :)) awesome, creative and Original. I’m sure no one has ever turned their sweater inside out before. I must be the first one.

Now I’m bored again. And I look like a fish on this picture. Wohoo!

I would say I am a very mature person, as I am sure you can all see.

Ok, that’s enough! Stop posting pictures of yourself, enough with the egoblast. You’re face is not that interesting.

You see this is what comes out of lacking braincells. Or inspiration. Don’t know which one it is, maybe it’s both of them 😉 What are you supposed to write about really? What makes people wanna come back and read my blog again and again? I would like to know.

But no one really seems to know.. or I mean according to the people who says “Do this and don’t do that” I am breaking all the ‘golden rules’. And still people do come here and read everyday. Either I am awesome or you are. I wouldn’t bet on the first option 😉

If you do wanna read a funny blog though I have a tip, unfortunately it is only for the ones of you who knows swedish. Since, it is a ‘vlog’ and it is in swedish. 😛

Think that’s enough for now, tootles!

Linnéa ♥


16 thoughts on “My friend Mr. Webcam

  1. theotherwatson says:

    People keep coming back to your blog because it is entertaining and funny! I certainly keep coming back to your blog for those reasons! 🙂
    And awesomely is totally a word, I use it all the time actually (and I’m an English teacher so it’s totally allowed 😛 )
    Sadly I don’t speak Swedish and so I cannot read this other blog, although I do have a friend who can read it…

    • Got my book says:

      Aww thanks! 😀 That makes me really really happy to hear! 😛 And about the word awesomely – I figured that if I wanted it to be a word it could be; but I also suspected that others than me use this term ^^

      Who is this friend then, a swede or linguistic genius? 😉 And I think it’s really cool that you’re an english teacher, english was always my favourite subject all the way through school.. 🙂 Where do you come from?

      • theotherwatson says:

        Glad to hear that makes you happy hahaha 🙂

        This friend of mine I think was born in Finland, but he spent a year in Sweden? Something like that. He is pretty smart though, come to think of it…

        And awesome to hear English was your favourite subject (to be fair, it is the best subject. Especially when the teacher’s cool, like me *cough cough*).

        I was born in England, but I moved to Australia when I was 4 years old, and have been here now for 21 years. I love it here, but I have to go back and visit England soon (and I want to travel around Europe too while I’m over that side of the world!)

        Have you always lived in Sweden? I’ve always wanted to go there, it sounds amazing…more so to know it has awesome people such as yourself there…

      • Got my book says:

        So you’re 25 now then? And of course English becomes so much cooler with an awesome and cool teacher as yourself 😛 And may I say – I do soo believe that you ride unicorns on Tuesdays and Saturdays, of course – because I’m ahhhwesome! 😉 Really liked your wacky presentation, making people laugh was always a winner!

        I want to visit both Australia (especially if all the men looks like Hugh Jackman, haha sorry lame joke) and England, but think I’ll go to England first since 1) it’s cheaper for me to go there and 2) THEY DON’T HAVE POISONEOUS SPIDERS EVERYWHERE! And me suffering from a serious spider phobia (I fainted once in school because there was a spider in my wheelloader..haha) and I don’t think I’m ready to challenge myself on this particular phobia. You see I have others too. Like cooking for instance, I am a complete loser in the kitchen and I hate cooking. Where can I find an awesome guy who is also a chef? 😀

        I’ve actually been to England three times already – but, only to London. I want to experience the rest of the country, the nature, the countryside and maybe Ireland and Scotland too.. 🙂

        Yes, I have always lived in Sweden, though I have not always lived in Southern Sweden as I was born in the middle of Sweden (but it still counts as the northern part because a 1000 km up from where I live is still pretty northern when you live in Scandinavia), however we moved when I was three and I’ve been here since.

        Sweden can be both amazing but like every other country it has it’s downsides. A benefit from living in Sweden though is that we have something called “Allemansrätten” which translated would be something like Every mans right, this ‘right’ that we have allows us to go anywhere we like. Even if someone owns it (I’m not talking about peoples backyards or houses), but if someone owns a piece of land where there might be a nice forrest or lake or good mushroom picking – you are free to wander around as you like and pick as many mushrooms or blueberries and lingonberries as you want.

        This, I think is a Great part of living Sweden! It means we are not prohibited to enjoy the fine nature we are surrounded with just because some person “owns” it 😛 I am also preeetty sure that we are the only country in the World (earth that is, I can not account for the rest of the universe ;)) but I might be wrong, after all I do not know Everything. Even though my friends sometimes call me Mrs. Google ^^

        And last but not least, may I say visiting Australia must be great too if they have such fine and interesting people as yourself there! ^^

        As you might’ve noticed I am not very good with short replies. Maybe I should write a book. Haha.

        Tootles for now!

  2. theotherwatson says:

    Hahaha, that is one crazy long reply (I’ve had to start a new comment thingy cos it won’t let me reply to your last reply)! I love it though, you are clearly a very talkative person, and so am I…dangerous combination 😛

    But yes, I am 25, and thank you for all the compliments hahaha, you’re so sweet. I do try to make people laugh, especially when I teach – I find the students respond so much better if they think I’m funny, and they normally behave better for me too. But I love just being silly and making people laugh anyway, I think most people don’t laugh enough, so I try to change that when I can 😛

    Sorry, but not all Australian men look like Hugh Jackman. I, for example, look far better…jokes…The spider thing in Australia can be pretty bad. The house I live in now is okay though, we only get daddylonglegs spiders in here and they’re harmless little things. As for your cooking phobia, meh, there’s lots of men learning to cook these days. I’m even teaching myself to cook, I cooked up an amazing pasta dish the other day that surprised even myself. But yeah, you’ll find someone who can cook for you I’m sure 😉

    There is a lot to England to explore, definitely. My family was born everywhere, I was born in Ipswich in the Suffolk area, my Mum was born in Leicester, my Dad grew up in the Lake District up north…so relatives are scattered everywhere. I would love to go to Scotland too, it sounds amazing and I love Scottish people (best accents ever!). I may be heading there at the end of this year if I can get my money sorted out…

    I love that Allemansrätten idea in Sweden, that is a good idea. I don’t know of any other countries that have that. And I bet you’re lying, you’re just saying you don’t know everything because you don’t want to show off 😛

    So what’s the downsides of Sweden? I imagine it’s really cold? Though I don’t mind the cold. In Australia it is just so hot here all the time, even now at 1130pm I am melting (not actually melting, but you know what I mean…). Anyway, I definitely want to visit Sweden, it sounds really nice there. Maybe I’ll tag it on the end of my trip to England in a year 😉

    Okay, as you can also see, I am not good with short replies, especially when encouraged by people 😛 You can tell we both enjoy talking and writing!

    I might stop talking now and pretend to sleep. See you 🙂

    • Got my book says:

      Haha, well you are good at making people laugh! At least me 🙂 I was joking about the Hugh Jackman thing, as you probably figured 😛 not that he’s unattractive in any way it’s just that EVERY single mum of my friends thinks he’s “goorgeous, my oh my – look at those arms!” xD You should’ve seen them when they watched Australia the movie hahah

      Well, good for you! I impressed myself actually a while ago, as I cooked up some rice and made a sauce. I Made A Sauce!! *aahwesooome* I just mixed water, boullion, flower, soy sauce, tabasco, cumin and red & green curry (I like spicy food) and – tada! And the best thing is that it tasted really good too! 😛 About the daddy longlegs – I am not afraid of them, they’re just weirdo spider-flies of some sort, they’re neither really.. and not scary, just ugly 😛

      I must agree with you about the scottish accent – it makes me just sorta wanna move there only so that I can get to hear scottish all day and also talk with scottish accent! That’d be awesome. I really wish I had a larger variety of words to choose from instead of ‘awesome’ everytime.. ^^

      Haha, it’s not That cold in Sweden 🙂 I mean compared to Australia I suppose it must be but.. ‘the cold’ is what I love about my country or I mean the seasons in general – it’s like every season is really different and wonderful in their own way. Spring when everything slowly comes to life again, recovering from being under snow (if we’re that lucky in freakin southern sweden), sparkling light green colours everywhere in the trees and grass and the birds start to sing (the list goes on). Summer (can sometimes take a liiittle bit long to arrive) but is also great when it finally does :p It get’s warm enough to walk around in shorts and bikini but not so hot that you can’t stand it 🙂 Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons (probably because it feels more okay to play hermit in my room reading books then..^^) when all the leaves turn orange, yellow and red, the air becomes fresh and cool again after a warm, sweaty summer.. And then of course we have Winter. Winter is really lovely here – if it arrives (thanks to global warming or whatever it seems that we get less and less of the real winter down here where I live). But when it does arrive it is wonderful, bright snow lighting up the otherwise so dark sky since the sun goes down really early in the middle of winter. It’s a little bit like being in heaven if you ask me, if heaven is sitting on clouds that is 😛 I just love the white, the glistening, the cold – and the skiing, iceskating, building snowforts and sledding, just like every other kid (oh, wait. I’m twentytwo..whoops!)

      Hmm.. but downsides.. (ugh, it’s always so hard to come up with anything when asked), trust me there are some. I just can’t come to think of them.. not at the moment at least 😛

      Two talkative persons indeed is a dangerous combination x)
      What do you like most about Australia? Where in Australia do you live? 🙂

      Now I too, will stop talking… pretending to.. do something of importance! Haha

      • theotherwatson says:

        People watched that movie “Australia”? Even we didn’t watch it and we live here, hahaha. But yeah, middle aged women here swoon over Hugh Jackman as well, it’s kind of funny.

        And you made a sauce? Seee, you can cook! 😛 You just don’t want to, hahahaa. There’s a difference 😉

        I have a few scottish friends, I often find when I talk to them I talk less so I can hear them more 😛

        That sounds lovely, the seasons in Sweden. I love the cold really, too, I could happily live in a colder country like that. Here in Australia it’s just hot, really hot, or really really hot. Our winters are often warmer than the summers in Europe! Mind, as I saw this, people are whinging this summer has been too cold for us here (it’s only been getting to around 30 degrees celcius (or 85-90 degrees fahrenheit…I don’t know which system you use there I just realised), and for an Australian summer that really isn’t that hot. The upside of this not-as-hot summer is that so far there have been less bushfires…so far…As for snow, we almost never see it. We have an area called the snowy mountains, maybe a few hours drive from where I am, where it snows in winter, but that’s the only place in the whole country. I think I would love snow – I totally understand your description of it being like heaven (and who cares if you’re twenty two hahaha, you’re still allowed to have fun! 😛 )

        I live in a place called The Central Coast, about an hour’s drive north of Sydney. It is beautiful around here, beaches everywhere, maybe 10-15 beaches I would call “local”, which is amazing really. The view from my bedroom balcony is of the water and mountains…I feel like I’m on holiday and sometimes have to remind myself I live here! 🙂

        My favourite thing about Australia? Hard to say. I love how relaxed and friendly everybody is, everybody who comes here from overseas says we’re very relaxed people, I think it’s because we all live on the coastlines of the country. It’s also a very safe country, compared to much of the world, so I am always grateful for that. Also, Australians know how to drink! Hahahaha.

        Anyway, I’ll stop talking for now. Again. 😛

      • Got my book says:

        Well, I don’t know about others but the ones I know did 😛 And you are right about the cooking – I don’t want to, but you’re also wrong – I am actually really afraid of it. It gets better when I am alone but still scary. If I am around people and I am asked to help.. most of time I either start to shake/cry or if I don’t want to do that because it is embarrassing then I just leave the room. It really is a problem.. but I usually try to ‘make a deal’ like; I can do the dishes! Or if I’m at home; Noo pleeease Mum! I can’ vacuum And do the dishes, just please don’t ask me to cook! .. haha

        If we have a summer where it’s around 25-30 degrees celsius (you use celsius too?) then it is considered a Very good summer. And personally if it gets any warmer I just feel like fleeing the country.. haha. At least if it lasted more then a few weeks. As much as I think I would love the scenery in Australia I am not really sure if I could stand the heat. But then again maybe I would get used to it :p

        Hehe, funny about the beaches – I live on the west coast of Sweden and my city is sorta ‘known’ for it’s great beaches. There is like four or five of them. And only two of them are considered ‘great’ by me. Haha. I can understand that you feel like you’re on vacation – I probably would to!

        And ahh.. relaxed people – we need More of those here! Sure, most of my friends are relaxed and awesome. But a lot of other people aren’t. I wonder why..? And as far as crime rates go I don’t really know how bad or good it is compared to the rest of the world. Isn’t it kinda funny though that Australia used to be the country where England sent there ‘criminals’ and considered ‘lowlifes’? Look who’s laughing now! You have a safe country and England is as the top the crime rate lists together with other countries.

        If you like people who knows how to drink you would definitely like the Finish people! And the Danish 😛 But Swedes? Well, it should be ‘Norrlänningarna’ then (the northern people) – we can handle our liqour! ^^ haha. The rest of Sweden though seems to think that it is “horrible” to maybe have a few beers with friends if it’s in the middle of the week, or if you have a nice glass of whiskey when you sit and read your favourite book, “my gosh! are you an alcholic or What?!” 😛 But then it is TOTALLY fine to go and get wasted on a friday or saturday and act like a swine. Funny how people work..

        Maybe we should start mailing instead xD People are probably getting bored with us for taking up all the comment area space.. haha

    • Got my book says:

      Trevligt, trevligt 😛 Du får hojta till på bloggen isåfall så att man hinner snatcha den 😉 Hoppas det går bra med skolan och allt sånt – är sjukt glad att jag är klar med den stressen. Men vips så är du också det(plus att du verkar ju så förbannat himla smart så det går nog bra)! Kramar 😀

    • Got my book says:

      Well, there you go! I had no idea it was a correct way to use the word. 😛

      and I laughed my ..uhm.. buttocks off when I watched the video :P, I always did wonder what the point of Daddy Longlegs was (or Långben/Farfars-mygga as it is called in swedish), if not to just be eaten by birds or something.. 😛 I didn’t know they were poisonous though! What if a stupid kid would go ahead and eat them? What would happen? Hmm..

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