East Beach

Yesterday when I met up with Anna the sun was glistening in the frosty sky and we felt that we just had to go out for a walk. I’m really glad we did. đŸ™‚ We went to the beach close to where she lives, it was such a relaxing day. We sat on the boulders (or stones or whatever..) by the water and just talked about everything. Sorry if I’m boring you with my everyday life, but.. that’s basically what this blog is about đŸ˜› And other stuff too I guess đŸ™‚

This is not the best beach to bathe in (according to me) but it is certainly a beautiful one. I just love how all the stones and boulders are meeting the sea..

I love ‘un-planned’ laughter. Especially when I get it on picture. How can you resist a smile like this? I can not look at it without smiling myself đŸ™‚

Did I tell you that I am also a shoe-oholic? No? Well, I am. I’ve got it bad. And I love her shoes, any ideas on how to steal a pair of shoes without the other one noticing? No? Ugh.. shoot.

In my eyes you still look like the little rascal you were when we were kids playing in the woods and created other worlds and kingdoms with our imagination. And for that, I will always love you. ♥

The sun sets at 4 pm here. We watched it as it hovered just above the horizon.

Surely it is not winter? It is in the middle of JANUARY. I live in SWEDEN. And I’m walking around outside without a jacket, wearing only a sweater. Winter.. if you haven’t arrived by now, don’t bother. I don’t want snow in March, I don’t want to be bereft of my spring.

Walking back home the apartment for some cookies and tea/coffee đŸ™‚

After having hung out with Anna I went to my extra-family to ‘supervise’ little Lovisa but her big sister was there so it was mostly a precautionary thing. Still cozy to be here đŸ™‚ Spent the night and still here, kinda chill.

I feel like writing today, not like this, just chatting away.. don’t get me wrong – I love writing here on the blog about my thoughts and musings. But I feel like writing a song today, maybe I will. And maybe I will show it to you then. If it’s any good that is đŸ™‚


LinnĂ©a ♥


6 thoughts on “East Beach

  1. Keit says:

    Wow,all the places you go to are so dreamy and spiritual. I only travel on the dirty bus from A to B đŸ˜€ You are even more beautiful under the sun light.

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