The Cake Eaters

I just watched a movie. I saw The Cake Eaters, yes, the one I mentioned before. And. It was beautiful. Just simple, breathtaking and beautiful. Telling several little stories but focusing on fifteen year old Georgia (played by Kristen Stewart) who suffers from Friedrich’s Ataxia which is a disease that progressively damages the nervous system. I think Kristen is very credible in her role but the other actors are also doing an amazing job, And.. well, you should just see it. I don’t wanna spoil the movie.

It had some awesome music too, most of it new to me (but now lying on one of my Spotify lists) except one song – Take it from me by The Weepies – and that is a really great song, everything by The Weepies is usually awesome. So there’s a tip for ya.


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