I recently discovered that I have some delayed books to return to the library.. CRAP… It costs 2 swedish kroner for each day/each book. I have something like 10 books for loan and they are all at least ten days late. That means I am now 200 kroners poorer (200kr = 18£ or 27 dollars), so… YAY! Not.

But I only have myself to blame so why complain (beeecause it feels gooood)? Well well, I’ll let go of that now and move on. Today I’m meeting up with an old friend of mine, known her since I was four and here we are 18 years later and still friends 🙂 Did you know (of course you didn’t) that she is the one who ‘taught’ me how to draw? I mean I have always been drawing and painting and so on but she is the one who was always teaching me new tips and trix to move forward and develop my skills.

She is one year older than me so she was always ahead 😉 And she too is painting/drawing to this day. She’s had much more education than me, she studied aesthetic art in ‘highschool’ (we have something called Gymnasium in Sweden and it’s a bit different from highschool) and then she moved on to Art School a bit up north in Sweden, but thankfully she’s now moved back home again. 😀 And now I’m off to see her and maybe drink some tea.. yes, tea would be nice 😉

To be returned.. (a few of the books on the top belongs to a friend, but then again not all of the borrowed books are in the picture. Haha)


8 thoughts on “Payback

  1. Ella says:

    det hoppas jag verkligen inte…! Vill hellre ha tillbaka mina böcker än att biblioteket får dom! 🙂 (Rain + things I know about love)

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