Moss by the river

Never went on that walk but chose to stay inside since, a few minutes after writing the last post, the sun went down. Yes, we don’t have a lot of sun here in Sweden in wintertime. At all, really.

Instead I’ve been surfing and browsing blogs and whatnot to maybe find some new musical inspiration 🙂 I also made myself a nice bowl of oatmeal porridge mixed with some lingonberries and milk – YUM!

I snapped some pics of what I’m wearing today. The cardigan is new and it is so soft I could swear I am wearing a lamb.. ^^

Ignore my awkward foot to the right. Oh, crap now everyone will be looking at it!

Inconvenient posing for the sake of the art

And of course a close-up of my newfound love; the lamb-cardigan! Complete with mossy and serene colours 😉


6 thoughts on “Moss by the river

  1. Saga says:

    Svar: Tack så jättemycket 😀 jaa, jag vill också bli bättre men jag håller med dig, det enda man kan göra är ju att fortsätta träna och rita 😉 Men du har gjort jättefina teckningar 🙂

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