In case of Insomnia:

Post a list of something random!
1. Put your ipod/mp3 player/ whatever you use onto shuffle
2. When you get a song name, put “In my pants” next to it, no matter how weird it sounds
3. Repeat this 20 times
4. Tag at least 5 people (mweeh.. just steal it like I did if you want to)

1. Shelter in my pants (hahah okay..)
2. Saturday in my pants (oh yeah, that’s right on! ^^)
3. At last in my pants (…?)
4. Here is a heart in my pants. HAHAHA best pickup-line? xD
5. Under my bed in my pants
6. Call on me in my pants
7. Snälla bli min (Please be mine) in my pants (ha ha almost all of them are funny but I can’t comment on them all..)
8. Weakening in my pants
9. Stay in my pants. HAHAHAHHA
10. Söndag i sängen (Sunday in my bed) in my pants
11. I like birds in my pants (noooo..!)
12. Wallflower in my pants
13. The birds in my pants (get out! I said I didn’t like birds in my pants!!)
14. The haunted airman (theme) in my pants
15. Heartless in my pants
16. Mr. E’s Beautiful blues in my pants
17. Under the orange lights in my pants
18. Youngstown in my pants
19. Rainbow Connection in my pants (hmm…?)
20. Warm whispers in my pants. (HAHAH ^^ what a way to end things)

Sudden inspiration for some showing off my incredible paintskills + humor 😉


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