@ Home

Sitting in the car. We’re now closer to Halmstad than to Överturingen. And that sucks. Just saying.. why would I want to trade the relaxed coziness of being with family and friends, in the middle of beautiful nature and snow, oh glorious snow 🙂 (I know that I’m always on about how wonderful snow is but.. I mean. It IS wonderful ;)) to boring, non-snow, shitty winter?

A few hours later……………….

I was sitting in the car writing this post – when the computer shut down on me. YAY. Lying battery display, tells you you’ve got 40 minutes and then dies after ten.. my, oh my…

Anyways I am home now in dear Halmstad and thought I might as well write a new post. I turned on the computer and noticed that all the internet-pages were saved, so I could just continue writing this one instead of writing it all again, but most of all I didn’t have to upload the pictures again 😛

When we left I took a last picture of my “Narnia”-lamp before we left this morning. Here it is, edited in picnik.com and pixlr.com to look a bit more like an illustration.

Welcome into my head!

Right now I’m just sitting on the couch potatocouch-ing 😉 Talking to some friends online, listening to music and thinking about making a sandwhich.. hmm….? 🙂

Tata for now (as Winnie the Pooh would’ve put it)

Linnéa ♥


17 thoughts on “@ Home

    • Got my book says:

      Haha, I can see your point dear chap 🙂 But real winter is nothing but pleasant, as long as it doesn’t get any colder than 35 below the freezing point.. 😉

  1. Anna W says:

    hemma nu finaste? ska vi ses nu i veckan?? torsdag kanske om du kan?? har du föresten nå tips på några roliga hemsidor att hitta inredningsinspo ifrån, du har så mycket sånna fina bilder på din blogg. puss

  2. Anna W says:

    ååh underbart då har vi iaf dagen tillsammans 😀 (bara så du vet så kan jag bli plötsligt inring till jobbet, o får inte tacka nej enligt de nya reglerna.. men de ringer inte ofta så är troligen helt ledig) kan du maila ditt hemnr så kan jag ringa dig när det närmar sig^^

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