Missing out but not really

So… I went out to look for the others. I didn’t know specifically where they held their little barbecue so I thought maybe they’d gone a bit into the woods and found themselves a cozy place. Strolled around (wandered like a lost person that is) for maybe half an hour before I gave up and started to walk back to our house. Of course then I everyone else also arrives. Turns out they’d built the fireplace close to the other house just over the field.. hrrmmm…

But I figured that just because they were finished with their cozy little outing I didn’t have to be. The other day I built myself a little cosy corner in the snow. So I took my mp3, my beer, some candles and an underlay to sit on (so not to freeze my butt off :))

And here are some pictures of my little venture.

The little space I built for myself (okay Florian helped a bit..a Little bit)

Beer on cooling, moodmusic 😉 and an absolutely magnificent view…

An old grain storage and oh, lookie – the moon is playing sun!

… and here is just more wonderfulness 🙂

That was it for tonight (eeeearly morning here) and I’m gonna [not] hit the bed now. See ya’ll tomorrow. Maybe.. 😉

Love & Hugs,

Linnéa ♥


4 thoughts on “Missing out but not really

  1. Anna says:

    Hej finaste! ❤ såg att du inte har någon mobil. Du verkar ha det fint därborta och jag hoppas att du mår bra, superfina bilder! Du kan kankse höra av dig när du kommer hem?? skulle så gärna vilja träffas snart. 1000 pussar o kramar

      • Anna W says:

        Låter bra! 🙂 ledsen att det ionte blev nått i mellandagarna ibland går tiden bara lite för fort. Men tycker det var på tok förlängesen vi ses, du är ju liksom alltid välkommen hos oss ^^

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