Skiing at Klövsjö

The day before yesterday me, my cousin and her husband went to a mountain nearby to go skiing (he was snowboarding) and we had a really great time.

An overview of all the slopes.

Tabita finally got over some of her fear of skiing and Florian (who’s never tried the snowboard before) managed to pick up quickly and after an hour or so he was taking on the more demanding slopes. I having skied a bit more than them decided to try out some red slopes (medium difficult) but accidentally ended up in a black one (difficult) – first I was terrified and tried to figure out a way to get out of there, then realized there was none. So I just went with it and took on the slope and even though I took it pretty slow and rookied my way down I was so proud of myself in the end after making my way down that I just had to do it again!

Not my photos, but from the area we were in and some of the slopes I tried (this one is the black one I think)

Also tried out some of the jumps in the funpark at the beginning of the slope – managed to land smoothly on both jumps and got an even bigger boost of selfconfidence – maybe a little too much though.. further down the slope I had picked up some speed and forgot that it was time to slow down before the next steeper part and went completely overboard rolling and tumbling down the hill.. haha felt like a fool for a minute.

Not the same funpark but looks pretty much the same 😛

But once I’d managed my way down I was pretty happy for my little “accident” – it proved to me that it isn’t the world if you fall over, it wont kill you and maybe next time I will be able to take on the slopes in a more relaxed spirit 🙂

One of the lifts – Florian who’s a bit afraid of heights did not in particular enjoy this part of our day 😛

I will show a little video snippet later of me and Florian when were hitting the slopes (kiddie ones.. hehe) if I can manage to upload it to the computer 🙂

Heading back to my beer now and some poker 😉


Linnéa ♥


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