On our way

Right now I’m sitting in the car with my best friend and her husband, we’re on our way to dear Norrland 🙂 Northern Sweden that is (in fact not really, more the middle of it, but compared to the rest of the world it counts as pretty far up north I think 😉 ).

As the nerd I am I brought my computer so I would be able to listen to music but also so that I would be able to blog! We’re driving throught beautiful landscapes and I’ve uploaded a few of the pictures I’ve taken into the computer so that I could share them with you!
We started out early this morning and was greeted by the sun after an hour or two… what did I do to deserve being born on this beautiful earth? And why are we so determined to ruin our home?

Frost on the inside of the window 😛

If this is how it looks on the way up, then how much more wondrous will it not be when we arrive? Ahhhh 😀

Well, can’t stay on the computer too long, the battery is far from impressive 😉

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

With lots of love,

Linnéa ♥


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