Little Saturday is what they call Wednesdays right?

I just had this instant urge or longing for it to be weekend, do something with my friends, maybe a couple of drinks 🙂 But it’s Wednesday and even if I’m not against drinks on such a day (especially since I’m off from work tomorrow) it is rather boring to do it by myself. So anyone wanna come over and join the party? (bring the booze as well) Haha. Joking! Not about the part that I want it to be weekend though.. 😉

This was like two years ago? A fine night it was. The drink looks a bit poisonous though.. hehe

I was also wondering – is there anything that you would like me to post more about? Or should I just keep on going with my ramblings, photos, drawings and other nonsensical stuff? 🙂

BTW – Great song to listen to: 

Love ya,

Linnéa ♥


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