At the summit

A girl who lives far away from anything close to snow asked me the other day if I could post some wintry pictures. Of course I want to oblige her wishes! Unfortunately, the snow we received here today has already melted away (Oh, bother..) So I was thinking I might as well post some real wintry photos from Northern Sweden, taken a year or two ago.

For the life of me I cannot remember what these mountains were called.. But they’re located near a place called Ottsjö.

This is what it looked like when we went as far we could with the.. err… gondola? Anyways the thing that takes you up the mountain 😛 The buildings all covered with ice and snow.. but wait for later!

If you climbed a kilometer or so further up (this was not easy!), you came to a place called “Toppstugan” which means something like “The Peak Cabin”. There they sell hot chocolate and other stuff for overprices – but hey, there’s no other ‘café’ anywhere close around so I guess they can exploit that ^^

But anyhow, you see all the snow? You can’t even see the cabin if you come from the other way around – which you do. When me and my friend Tabita brought her boyfriend Florian here for the first time, he climbed up on the cabin and asked us – “So when are we there? I’m tired! Is it much further?” – he honestly didn’t realize that he was sitting on top of it! Hahahahah

Åreskutan offered an impressive view…

I love how all the other mountains are peeking out in the background.. 🙂

This I took at a later occasion with my dad, we went out to take some pictures and came across this stream/river.

All photos taken by me and owned by me. If you wish to re-blog them, please credit me and if you wish to use them in any other way – please just notify/ask me first 😀

So, anyone longing for a visit to Northern Sweden? I am!!!

Your Swedish forestfairy,

Linnéa ♥


2 thoughts on “At the summit

    • Got my book says:

      You wouldn’t die! 😀 You’d be wearing thermals! In the spring when the air starts to grow warmer but still snow on the ground a lot of people go skiing in their bikinitops! (if they’re certain not to fall over ;)) Or atleast sit down somewhere on the mountain for a little picnik and som sunbathing. Snow + sun = great tanning weather ^^

      Thank you Lex, I’m happy you liked them all!

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