A nudge to the past

I wasn’t really sure what to write about today. At first I didn’t feel like I had anything to say or worth showing but, I realized – I do too! My whole life is an archive of things done and experienced, right? Excactly. So I was thinking I would tell you a little about me, I’m not sure yet how I will do this but I’ll make it up along the way 😉

I’ll give you a list (Yay!) of quirky things about me (lot of them from when I was younger):

  • When I was about ten years old I could walk on my hands for almost 300 ft! (ca 100 meter) I can no longer do this. At all.
  • When I was 6 yrs my mom found me in the top of a tree almost 100 ft up in the air! One of my favourite things to do is climbing trees. Still is. Only now I’ve come to recognize certain risks..
  • Me and my best friend always made “secret” clubs and made up languages both in writing and speech – these games were very intricate and performed with utmost persistence – they often lasted for several months!
  • One of these made up languages (in writing) I still to this day remember and I use it whenever I want to write something private. And the letters are pretty too 😉
  • At seventeen  I decided to cut my hair. I went from blonde & longhaired to brunette & shorthaired in a day. When I turned eighteen I cut it even shorter and a while after that I even cropped one side of my head – so in four years my hair has gone from..


To this:

And if you’re not seeing any difference, I would suggest you’d pay a visit at the optician 😉 Also keep in mind that it is from the shortest part of the hair from the first picture that my hair has grown this long, because when it grew out I had to even out the longer hair to the same length as the shortest part.

A lot happens when you grow up, you might change your style, stop hanging from your knees in too high trees (ooh lookie, I made a rhyme!), you get new friends and you might lose some – so many things that couldn’t possibly fit into one post like this and you’re probably walking away from here still knowing almost nothing about me. Except that now you know I once had really short hair.

But then again this whole writing a blog-thing I’m doing here – shows a part of me, of who I am. The rest I’m leaving at home 😉 Oh, well. I must be running off now!

Linnéa ♥


4 thoughts on “A nudge to the past

  1. Keit says:

    Cool hair,then and now 😛 I’m thinking of cutting it when I graduate,you know..the begging of something new.. I want to cut it Emma Watson style , I sure hope boyfriend wont leave me 😀

    • Got my book says:

      hahahhah if your boyfriend would leave you over a haircut he ain’t worth keeping darling! ^^ I’m sure it would look great on you and hey – hair grows out! That’s the great thing about it 😉 Emma Watson style sounds like a good choice too 🙂 ♥

  2. The Background Story says:

    Bravo for being brave enough to go for different hairstyles! I myself have a history of different styles — long, short, straight, curly, fringe, no fringe, layered, one length, etc. It baffles me how some women can’t let go when it comes to their hair.

    You rocked that short hairstyle!

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