Now I don’t know if there really is such a word as snowrain but I know that today, right outside my window – it is definitely Snowraining! Pretty little snowflakes as long as they’re in the air and then – whoop! Rain on the ground… I know I’ve been wishing & praying for snow but… this isn’t exactly what I was hoping for?! He he..

To lighten my mood I shall show you what greeted me today when i was having a look at my statistics here on the blog (I’ve only been checking the “day-to-day” stats for a while and not the monthly)!

A steady increase, that’s what I see 😀 From 22 visitors the 1st month to 712 visitors so far this month! And it makes me glad that there are actually people who likes to read this!! Ofc it’s not  a “huge blog” or anything and I don’t need that either – but a little encouragment never hurt anyone? 🙂

And to think this blog was only started on the request of a friend…? He wanted to have a cozy, “fall-sorta-blog” that he could read x) … I don’t even know if he’s one of my current readers but, hey who cares – I’ve got you all 😀

Talk to y’all laterrr 😉

Linnéa ♥


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