Not to be cranky but..

Goooood morning everybody…. okay I’m not that enthusiastic really..  I actually woke up with this Insane head- and jawbone-ache! If you get what I mean? I’ve for some unknown reason been lying and clenching my jaw during the night; which has equalled in this massive pain I’ve got right now. So.. urgh. 🙂

But, even if I’m not in my superbadass-linnéa-mode I can still blog. I’m not dead. I think? 😉 Nope, definitely not! Last night I was up fiddling with this site called where you can either just “fast-edit” your photos to make them look worn, another style, frame, hue etc. in three simple steps, they also have a photoeditor which I haven’t tried yet! But I love the ‘Pixlr-o-matic’ thingy 😀

Otherwise I usually use to edit my photos, now I’ve been using them both. But maybe I’ll like the pixlr editor more ones I’ve tried it don’t know..

Here are some ‘pixlr-o-matic’-ified photos (hahaha I have no idea if you can say that..)

Too lazy to stand up? 😉

I love my jeans. Guess which are my favourite parts? The ones that aren’t even there – the holes! haahha

Ok, ok, fine I’ll stand up then..! ^^

I was just over at my little sis’s blog and saw that today is the day. She’s singing solo at a concert this evening and I’m so excited! 😀
Also, today my granny is coming to visit us! YAY! I’ve missed her so much and now we’re gonna bury ourselves with all the cinnamonbuns we’re gonna bake and all the sweaters and hats that we’re gonna knit! My gran is the coziest little thing ever! Except she’s not a thing per se.. haha but I love her and I’m so happy she’s here!

Now I’m actually going to leave you guys, so that one might stuff some breakfast into their roaring stomach 😉

Toodeloo! (is it only me or does that totally sound like: To the loo? haha)

// Linnéa ♥


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