Let me know who you are :D

Guys.. & girls! You are more than welcome to drop a comment if you have something to say or if it’s something you like 😀 I wanna know who you are 🙂 Just get a voice/picture of all the people reading my blog 😛

Some girl from a magazine add I think 😛 ♥ (that I decided to draw)


6 thoughts on “Let me know who you are :D

  1. Stevie says:

    You’re really good at what you do! Keep doing it and you’ll go far!

    Im looking around for more bloggs like mine. It’ hard to find any good ones though.. Well anyways I love your work!

    Check out my blogg to see my drawing and designs! 🙂

    (oh, btw.. may I ask why you write in English? I came here because of a comment where you wrote in Swedish)

    • Got my book says:

      Thank you so much! I never intended for this blog to be anything more than something fun – for me – mostly and that maybe someone else might enjoy it too 😛 But it’s exciting that it is growing day by day! Will definitely check out your blog! (haha, oh didn’t see your last sentence until now! I write in english to reach a wider audience I guess.. and also to keep up my english! I’ve always loved languages but if you don’t put use to what you know then you will lose a lot over time. So, that’s why 🙂

      Nu skriver jag lite på svenska, tycker det är kul att du som kille har en sån blogg där du vågar visa din kreativitet! Alla killar är inte bara intresserade av bilar och stora maskiner och alla tjejer är inte bara intresserade av smink & mode ;D (jag tillexempel ÄLSKAR stora maskiner hehe.. jag är utbildad Hjullastarförare 🙂 )

      • Stevie says:

        That is sooo smart! writing in English to put use to the language. Then people outside sweden will be able to read it to!

        tack! Tycker det är galet kul att visa folk det jag älskar att göra! så jävla rätt! Även om jag håller på med kampsport och andra ”killiga” saker så håller jag på med det som känns bra bara! Skiter i va alla säger 😀 Härligt med tjejer som står ut i mängden!

      • Got my book says:

        Thank you for calling me smart x) ♥
        Precisely what you should feel (skriver på engelska så att folk fattar 😛 ) – being proud of what you’re able to make/create is a good thing! Exactly, you should just do what you like – not what is “expected” of you to like 😛 It’s nice wth guys who stands out from the crowd as well!

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