I don’t really know what you guys like to read about o look at… if there’s something you think is missing or whatever – feel free to tell me so! 😀 Here’s some hairspiration.. 😉

Me.. giggling for some reason. 🙂

I liked my hair that day. And the clothes. Just a big, knitted sweater/dress and tights – aaahwww! Cozy & comfy clothes in my ❤ – especially when they’re stylish too.

Then I decided to undo the fishtail braid and do a little pin-up, my hair went a bit curly from the braid 😛


6 thoughts on “Ego

      • The Background Story says:

        Thank you is always a great answer! 🙂 I used to be awful about receiving compliments, esp. with my looks, until a guy I really liked told me to stop being falsely modest about it because I was selling myself short and I was dissing the taste of the one who complimented me. So yes, it has always been thank you from then on! 🙂

      • Got my book says:

        How funny you’d say that, it wasn’t until I met my ex (whom I really liked) that I started to believe people when they complimented me 😛 Because when he said it I couldn’t deny that he really thought so (regardless of what I thought) without calling him a liar – and that’s when I realized that That is actually what you’re doing when if someone says something nice about you like “you’re pretty” and you automatically go “no, I’m not”. Either you accuse them of lying to you or at least for bad taste as you said. Haha well – glad I learned my lesson!

      • Got my book says:

        But where I live it’s 7am right now and I’ve been up ALL night cause I couldn’t sleep.. :/ So I think I’ll have to go to bed now so I at least get a few hours.

        Take care ♥

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