Party like a rockstar (in your bedroom)!

Who says you have to go clubbing to have an awesome party and a good time witn your friends?! Not me anyways. This picture was taken one or two years ago, we decided to throw a little mini-party for three at one of my friends house. The music was pumping, we were shakin’ it and sipped on delicious drinks 🙂

And we didn’t have to look out for creepy guys who thinks that as soon you’re on the dancefloor – you.just.want.them – Guys! We don’t!! If we did wanna dance with you, we wouldn’t keep subtly moving away from you… haha!

Me and my awesome, beautiful and cool friends! M can sure shake that hair! Me in the middle. And T is sipping away.
I loved this night, it was so spontaneous – and we just had fun fun fun! 😉

So maybe next time you’re thinking about going out (not saying it’s wrong!) – maybe you just wanna stay home with the people you really love and can relax with – and have The Greatest Time! 🙂


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