My homes

I was born in northern Sweden but when I was three years old we moved down to the southern westcoast. I’ve lived the rest of my life here, but still I feel I have a very deep, emotional connection to Jämtland (that’s the name of the province I was born in) and so I feel as if I have two places that I call home.

I love them both and wish I could somehow squeeze them together so I could be at both places at the same time 😉 But since it isn’t possible I visit Jämtland as often as I can and I’m also considering moving there… but it’s a difficult choice since the larger part of the people I love and cherish are living here.

Anyhow I thought I would share some photos I’ve taken of both Jämtland and where I live now.


View from a mountain in Åre called Skutan (which translates into The Schooner, I think..)

Two of my best friends on a frozen lake, ice fishing.

Vålåforsen (the Vålå Stream) I used a Canon 350D on a tripod – so I could increase the shutter time.

Where I live now

Twilight view from a hill. I like how you’re able to see all across the bay.

This is also a view from that hill, from our town hospital to be exact. A little piece of my hometown in the winter.

Well, that was it 🙂 I have more pics somewhere but not on this computer ha ha.


2 thoughts on “My homes

    • Got my book says:

      Thank you! I think my favourites are the ones from Jämtland.. but I used a better camera then (the hometown pics were taken with a compact). Although, sadly enough I only have the edited Jämtland pics left.. the originals are gone :/
      But you know standing there on the mountain and looking out and seeing all the other mountaintops.. it is such an amazing feeling 😀

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