Guten morgen!

The other day my lovely cousin/awesome friend Tabita who is a hairdresser cut my worn hair. The plus with letting a friend cut your hair is that they LISTEN – if I say cut 1-1,5 inches she will cut exactly as much as I told her – and not “reevaluate” my words and translate them into “cut my hair so All the worn hair is gone.

Hahaha SO TRUE!

Well, here is how it turned out – exactly what I wanted. The split ends gone. I’m SAVING my hair out so it would be sort of counterproductive if I was more concerned with little “messy” hair then the Length 😉

Also I’m about to try out a new thing I’ve heard about that is supposed to make your hair grow faster – I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

It’s Ricine Oil (I think that’s the english name of it..:P) and you use it approx 2-3 times a week. You massage it into your scalp (no need to pour it into your lengths, maybe just use what’s left in your hands and pull it out into the lengths) and then you leave it in for about 25 min, rinse out, shampoo, rinse out, shampoo again, rinse out and then put your conditioner in. And rinse that out too ofc if it’s not a leave in.

Maybe sounds a bit timeconsuming but – come on – instead of 0.4″ hairgrowth a month you could get 1.6-2.4″! And even if I don’t know yet if it will work, it’s worth a try since it’s not very expensive. I will probably buy mine at (Swedish site).

And if it Does work – well then maybe I’ll be able to keep my lengths healthy and still acquire longer hair? I’m keeping my fingers crossed 😉


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