A space of my own

Lately I’ve been living out of my suitcase. I still “live” with my parents but most of the time I’m borrowing someones apartment while they’re away or go stay with a friend who’s got an extra room in the basement. I’m doing this to be closer to town mostly.

And right now I’m borrowing my grandparents apartment since they’re away on vacation. 🙂 At first all of my clothes was just thrown recklessly into my suitcase  but then I decided (since I’m living here for two weeks, one left now) to make it more “home-y”. It makes it feel more like it’s actually my place. So I hung up the clothes and organized them, brought lots of candles into the room and just made into a space where I like to spend my time in! 😀

Here are some pictures of my little haven away from home.

This is my bed – it’s big so I use one side of it to pile pillows, then in daytime it’s like a couch. I also use the bed as my crafting, writing, reading-spot. Blogging-spot is of course the computer by the desk that you won’t see in the pics 😉

I just LOVE candles. It’s pretty and cozy and makes everything feel warmer (literally too, since it’s a small room they actually heat it up a bit).

Closer look at my cozy-spot (… I think I’ve over-used the word cozy lately ha ha)

I love my clothes. And I love seeing them. So this is a nice solution 🙂

Sorry boys if my posts are boring you with girl-ish things but… I am a girl 😀


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