What can you make of paper clips?


Been knitting away a little today and it’s coming along (I’m talking about my knitted shorts), also wrote in my diary for a bit. Drank a lot of tea. And now I just tried out a little DIY – earrings! Actually I am a very lazy person and have so far only finished one of them 😛 But they’re easy to make, cheap and gorgeous!

Here’s how the one I’ve finished ended up looking:

And if you liked this idea and wanna try it out for yourself, just go visit Evie-S where she has a tutorial!

How it looks when I’m wearing it.. me like 🙂


Also I was thinking about if any of you guys are new to knitting or crocheting there are a lot of great sites to help you learn. I have a favourite one, it started out as only a Swedish site but is now finally translated into english – it’s called My Design (For the English version click HEREand it’s an awesome site to go to. Good explanations for us newbies 😉

Let me know if you found it useful! Or if you liked this post 😀


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