Splash of colour

So maybe I’m being a bit boring now, posting this picture again. But.. I played around with it a little on free sites (instead of photoshop) and thought it got a cool, colourful effect.. 🙂 So now I’m posting a before and after! You don’t have to like my altered version but I do. I still like the original as well.

Actually I got the inspiration to do this editing after my mom said it looked a little bit like a Carl Larsson picture. So I sorta went in that direction, trying to.. uhm.. “Larsson-ify” it? 😀  I am aware it’s not even close. But I still like what I’ve done to it ^^

I’m exhausted and need to sleep now.



11 thoughts on “Splash of colour

    • Got my book says:

      Hehe 😛 I’m sure you could learn alot if you just had someone teach some tips & tricks. I mean you won’t become Van Gogh, but i’ve found that a lot of people actually has more potential to learn than they think! 🙂

      And I’m happy you like my drawing 😀 In the altered one I used the approximate colours of the original photo where I wore a yellow cap and a green-ish scarf 😉

      • Got my book says:

        Hahaha 😛 Well I didn’t mean you need to take a real course and study it, I just meant if you knew someone who’s good at drawing – you could ask them how they think when they’re drawing certain stuff. Or just ask them to draw while you watch and let them explain at the same time – that has taught me A LOT! But you are so good at writing so you don’t need to be supergood at drawing 😉

      • The Background Story says:

        Hahaha believe me, I’m so awful at drawing that I need a paid professional to teach me! I did try when I was younger, but it didn’t work out, just like playing the guitar did! But thanks for the compliment. 🙂

        I’m looking forward to more of your drawings. Maybe you can 100 portraits thing like that Art Boy user does. 🙂

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