Never liked the winning song

For once I’ve been following Swedish Idol a little bit. And I indeed had a couple of favourites that I just find breathtaking. But usually when I like someone on Idol I want them to get voted out somewhere close to the end – so they don’t get stuck with that CRAPPY winning song that is presented every year (I’m only speaking for Sweden) and since everyone know they’ll get a recorddeal anyways if they end up third or so – it’s not like they lost. And instead of making a “two-week” album just to put it out there, they can take their time a bit more and make it really good. But.

This year a girl named Amanda Fondell won and I just listened to her version of the winning song (and compared it to the guy who ended up second) it’s like not even the same song! She lifts it up, up in the sky and carries it awesomely throughout the whole song. So. I think this is the first time I ever liked The winning song on Idol. GO Amanda!

Listen to her song:

Not long ago this girl was a shy little sparrow that you could hardly hear when she spoke – but as soon as she opened up her mouth to sing.. wow.

You should also check out, Moa Lignell and Molly Petterson. They’re really awesome.


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