Lub the Tub!

Haven’t felt like posting these past days. I’ve been kinda tired and uninspired. But today I thought I’d just do some random Inspo-searching on google, teenagebedroom etc. And yup, I feel totally inspired again! Though not so much for blogging as for MOVING OUT and get my OWN PLACE!

I’ve been sifting through all of these pics of rooms and details and so on. And I just want to decorate my heart out. But that’s sorta hard when you live at home in a tiny room – sure, I love my room and how it looks – but it’s too small! I don’t just want to decorate the bedroom, I wanna do it all 😀 The bathroom, the livingroom, the kitchen – every space there is!

I mean just look at this bathroom? (I’m sitting here freezing my butt off and a warm bath with a good book in THAT tub is very very tempting right now. Too bad it ain’t mine.)

One day pretty bathtub, one day..

.. wouldn’t mind this one either. Promise 😉

And I found so much more that I wanna show but I’ll do that next time I think. About somethingelse. Where I live it is reallyreallyreally windy right now. Or more like a storm. And the house I’m staying in is reeeally cold, or maybe it’s just me who’s cold. Anyways – the house makes all these thumping and clonking noises because of the wind and sometimes it’s so loud it’s actually hard to sleep! ha ha… It’s pitch black outside and it feels like time for bed – oh, did I mention it’s only like 5pm?? That’s Scandinavia for ya 😉 (though secretly – not so secret anymore – I love living here partly because of the gloomy, dark, cold and snowy weather. but I’m pretty happy it ain’t winter all year round)

Wellwell, goodbye for now!

xx Linnéa


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